Who We Are

Flutter Wear was founded by a group of passionate individuals dedicated to supporting women in connecting with themselves, their pregnancy, and their baby during a uniquely maternal experience.

Our company understands that each woman's health, story, and experience is unique. We believe that every woman deserves support tailored to their baseline, capturing the complexities of fetal activity and maternal health. 

Meet the Team

Dolma Tsundu

Chief Executive Officer

Jordan Lewis

Chief Medical Officer

Dolma is an Integrated Engineering student at UBC. Her experience spans rehabilitation research, inclusive design, and product safety. She is an alumnus of e@UBC's Lean Launchpad Accelerator and YES!Delft's Student Entrepreneurship Program. She has a strong interest in the social determinants of health and reproductive justice.

Jordan is a medical student at UofT with a background in Reproductive and Developmental Biology from Imperial College London. Jordan has a keen interest in women’s health, maternofetal health, and infertility and is always seeking creative ways to combine her clinical interests with medical innovation and collaboration.

Justin Wyss

Technical Lead

Justin Wyss is a Master of Applied Science Candidate in Biomedical Engineering at UBC. His research focuses on flexible sensors and smart materials and their applications in healthcare. His research experience includes soft sensor technologies, electrostatic transducers, and smart materials.

Mariko Kuroda

UX Designer

Mariko is a technology designer at Catal Inc., an English school with locations in Tokyo and Fukuoka, Japan. She graduated from Emily Carr University of Art + Design in 2019 with a Master of Design. Her passion is to exemplify the value of design in the fields of health and education.

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