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Supporting a positive pregnancy experience.

Pregnancy can be both exciting and anxiety-inducing. The subjectivity and time-consuming methods of kick counting frequently cause anxiety and detrimental effects on the pregnancy experience.

Flutter Wear aims to alleviate the burden of kick counting adherence and address many of these sources of stress. It will also promote a community of support by offering a platform for women to share their experiences, questions, and concerns.

Personalized Data

Users build a health profile and sync their FlutterBand to establish their pregnancy baseline.

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Real-time Analytics

The application collects continuous baseline data from the Flutter Band. This can later be viewed and analyzed by users and their physicians.

Pregnancy Prompts

During the day, if fetal activity is reduced the application will prompt the user with helpful questions and tips to encourage movement. 

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Community Platform

Users can ask questions, contribute knowledge, or learn from other mothers and verified health providers through the community forum.


Users can choose from topics and articles which are curated for them based on their health goals.

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